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Valentina Schuchner is an Argentinian-based womenswear designer who defies  the limits of haute couture with her sustainable fashion built from recycling methods. By combining innovative and artisanal techniques, the brand explores the potential of zero waste cutting focusing on thoughtful ways of production through deadstock upcycling and material recycling.

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Polio Collection

The collection was inspired by the poliomyelitis disease specifically its peak in the 1940’s and 1950’s. 

My collection is very intimate and personal. The story of children forcedly becoming adults becomes an adventure. and yet, something remains, childhood injuries. My collection pays tribute to the metamorphosis that children have to face on their journey to adulthood.

The garments belonging to the collection are made using textile waste from different argentine companies, that is why the collection is characterized by presenting hybrid garments.


The ‘Loop’ Collection was triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, which looks back over seventy years to the peak of the Polio pandemic and the end of World War II. It is characterised by presenting a contemporary energy with retro nuances.
My grandmother’s 1946 ‘polio summer’ sounded familiar, it had quarantines and canceled events.
During war and confinement, restrictions on materials required clever solutions to use what was available.
Argentina had the world’s longest quarantine.  Creating with hyperlocal textile waste allowed me to reduce and reimagine undesired pre and post consumer textile into covetable goods, whilst helping my community.