Story about Designer, Valentina Schuchner

Valentina Schuchner was born in Buenos Aires in 1996.

From her earliest years, she was very close to design and fabrics since her family owns a renowned textile company.
Growing up among fabrics strongly inspired her imagination to create and explore.
She started dabbling in the arts from a very young age obtaining an international Bachelor's degree with a specialty in Visual Arts and obtained her degree in fashion design in 2019.
Before graduating, Valentina moved to the city of Barcelona where she studied at the Bau Centro Universitario de Diseño, a renowned university specializing in fashion and textile design. She also specialized in textile experimentation and illustration by taking courses at the prestigious Central Saint Martins School and took a course at Parsons the New School.
In January 2020, her career took a decisive turn when she won "Autores de Moda"  a competition, organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Production of the City of Buenos Aires.
In February Valentina launches her first collection and her brand in the autumn-winter edition of VISA BAFWEEK.

About Valentinna

Valentinna is an Argentinian-based womenswear brand that defies the limits of haute couture with its sustainable fashion built from recycling methods.

By combining innovative and artisanal techniques, the brand explores the potential of zero waste cutting focusing on thoughtful ways of production through deadstock upcycling and material recycling.


The combination of opposing elements defines the way of creating. Classic and edgy, hard and smooth, sweet and sinister, all made with textiles and traditional and technical finishes.

It is characterized by presenting a contemporary energy with masculine nuances which are articulated around the taste for feminine romanticism. Mainly, it proposes closing the gap between experimental fashion and sustainable design.


Valentinna has received worldwide press in publications such as Vogue, L'Officiel and Marie Claire.



’Im passionate about finding creative solutions to wasted resources. Sustainability has always been a core part of my design concept since I am influenced by my upbringing. In my household we would mend reconstruct or donate to next generations unwanted clothes. Sustainable fashion enables us to rethink our relationship with ourselves, other members of society and with the environment. My creations are emotionally aesthetic. By designing fashion in a sustainable way, I find new possibilities for the collected materials, creating an unexpected journey for both the textile and the wearer. Incorporating storytelling into my creations.